Dry Cleaning - Italian & German Technology

Dry Cleaning

Are you looking for the best dry cleaner for your wardrobe who can handle them well ?
Give a chance to Spotless Wasche to handle it and be assure that you will get best in class quality services. We are the leading dry cleaner in Delhi, with least turnaround time and high efficiency. From silk to leather, from wedding gowns to drapes, from party wears to office wears , designer wears, Saree, lengha, - we do it all with our high-quality Italian machines, German Chemicals, Barcode Technology and with the help of expert and experienced staff. Spotless Wasche is the best place to get your clothes cleaned. We simply rule the Dry cleaning online service providing space due to exclusivity of cloth-caring services and latest technology used by us for processing the garments.

Our Process for Cleaning of Garments

1. Segregation and Sorting : Once we received the clothes at our processing center, all the clothes are tagged using the barcode technique and clothes are sorted based on the fabric type, white, dark, delicate and processed separately to avoid loss of color and any damage.
2. Stain Removal Using German Chemicals To remove the tough stains and spot of Blood, Grease, Oil, Paint, Ball Point Pen Nail Polish, Wine , Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream, Chocolate, adhesives, ink etc. we use pre and post spotting agent of SEITZ Germany. During the spotting we take extra cautions and we try on the seam before directly applying on the stain. During this stage 99 % stains removed by our fabric experts and stain which are left out is because removal of those stains may not be possible due to fabric type, nature of stain, longevity of stains on the garment, and may be removal of stains was tried before handing over the garment to us.
3. Cleaning Using Italian Machines : We use Italian Machines from Renzaci and PERC solvent for Dry Cleaning, which is most widely used worldwide. PERC is a non polar solvent and easily remove the tough stains which may not be removed in water and good for delicate fabric and maintain the original shape and longevity of the garments. A typical machine cycle last for 40-50 minutes depending on the garments type and degree of soiling, after this stage garments are clean and ready for ironing.
4. Steam Ironing & Packaging : Clothes are ironed by our experts ironers using the steam iron and each cloth is individually packed using our automated packaging machine. During packaging each cloth tag is scanned using the barcode scanner and the printed tag is stickered on each cloth with Customer name and other details. This is the final stage and now your clothes are neat and clean and you will get an automated SMS to confirm the readiness of your clothes.

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